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Where did you get the inspiration for Legends of lore? I got it in the backseat of my parents car when I was a kid. Riding alongside the mountains one evening, I had a vision of a hollow mountain and two dog-like characters. They were frantically running as the mountain tumbled down around them. Who were these characters? What were they running from and why? That's how the story wheels started spinning. Things revealed themselves in a backwards fashion from there, then more and more characters emerged and the story worked itself from end to beginning. Did the drawings come first, or the story? The characters came to my mind first, but it took years to develop the skill to bring them to the page. Before Lore was officially launched online, all three stories were outlined, refined down and scripted with the help of my awesome collaborator, John Shepherd. This story has truly been a labor of love that has been MANY years in the making, and even saying that is an understatement. Who are your influences? I, as well as the talented Shawn Gibson (Lore's very own ink/clean-up artist) have had the privilege of working with the living legend Don Bluth himself, as well as the irrepressible and talented Gary Goldman. So yes, having an animation background does ring true in the Lore influences and look. Working with the team of artists who brought many of the classic Bluth films to light was amongst the greatest of experiences EVER.
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