VIKKI GIBSON Creator/Author/PencilS/Director Vikki was born in Sunny CA, but raised in even sunnier El Paso, Texas. It's not a secret that animated feature films are an obsession for her. Classically animated 2-D films, and namely those of Don Bluth, have been with her since childhood. So flash forward to 'grownup-hood' and she’s had the privilege to work with the man himself at 20th Century Fox on several features. She spends loads of time running around with her two kiddo's to all of their homeschooling activities. She acknowledges going randomly crazy taking pictures with her DSLR camera, and knitting whatever the heck inspires her at the moment, all of which is fueled by her Starbucks' addiction.
Shawn GIBSON Inks/Cleanup/Concept Artist Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, Shawn's love of classically animated characters and movies led him into a career in animation. He began at a young age on TV and feature film work, being involved on productions with Hanna Barbera, Fontana-Royale and MTV France. Soon after, Shawn was hired at 20th Century Fox and other Hollywood studios to work on such Feature FIims as Anastasia, Titan A.E., Prince of Egypt, Spirit; Stallion of the Cimarron, Warner Brother's Quest for Camelot and Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights. During this time, he met his fellow coworker and future wife, Vikki Gibson. He spends his spare time tooling retro inspired characters onto 'old school' leather projects and enduring shenanigans from his two rascally children.
JOHN SHEPHERD Story Collaborator/Web designer Vikki says, "He's the only dude I know who will obsess over Lore details more than any person I know (besides myself). This guy's had my back since he was my teacher in high school back when. So, that's some huge commitment at a level I have yet to understand."
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